Lie to Me 2021 | Erasmus+ Project

The “Lie to Me” 2021 project organized by the Digital National Alliance (DNA) aims to provide youth workers with knowledge and skills for media literacy in order to behave responsibly with regard to the use of technology.As well as to study the phenomenon of fake news, causes, nature, and consequences in order to develop resistance to them. “Lie to Me” project 2021 is implemented with financial support from the EuropeanCommission and the Erasmus+ Program.


Project title: Lie to Me

Project acronym: LEO

Project code: 2020-3-BG01-KA105-094923

Lead partner: Digital National Alliance

Funded by: Bulgarian Erasmus+ National Agency

Key Action 1: Transnational Mobility of Learners and Trainers

Start date: 1 February 2021

End date: 30 October 2021

Project total duration: 9 months

PARTNERS The project implementing organizations are:

  1. Digital National Alliance

  2. Sdruzhenie YOUTHub

  3. Asociația Tinerilor cu Initiativa Civica

  4. Asociacija Tavo Europa

  5. Asociacion Cultural Somos Europa

  6. Embaixada da Juventude

  7. New Wellness Education

  8. Research Center for Security, Defense and Peace


The implementation of this project initiative aims to:

1. To provide youth workers with knowledge and skills for media literacy in order to behave responsibly with regard to the use of technology.

2. To build skills for using various tools for analysis of media content in order to become active citizens in the digital world.

3. To study the phenomenon of fake news, causes, nature and consequences in order to develop resistance to them.


The training is designed for youth workers over 18 who seek to incorporate media skills and media

literacy in their daily work.


We plan to use a methodology that meets the needs of the participants and reflects the rapidly changing environment. Activities include presentations, games, analytical and practical seminars, workshops, interactive debates, teamwork and team-building exercises. The project will involve 30 youth workers from 7 countries.


The essence of the project is in direct accordance with the objectives and priorities of the Erasmus + program, Key Activity 1 Educational mobility for young people - youth workers. Within the framework of the comparison, the objectives of the project proposal are aimed at:

  • Improving the level of key competences and skills of young people

  • Exchange of experience between participants and acquisition of new knowledge, skills and competencies

  • Identifying the necessary skills and competencies in the respective professions related to media literacy and distinguishing false news.

  • Participants will fill in feedback forms focused on their skills and knowledge.

As a result of the commitment of youth workers, positive changes are expected, grouped into the following categories:

  1. Improving knowledge, skills and competencies of diverse nature - first of all, the initiative increases the media literacy of the participants and indirectly their digital awareness.

  2. Improving language skills, getting acquainted with the culture and customs of the countries of the partner organizations

  3. Changes in attitudes and behavior - In accordance with the level of emotional maturity in each participant, the youth exchange should provoke changes in his views and perceptions. The changes are related to:

  • involving young people in initiatives of national and European importance in promoting their active participation in the democratic and economic life of Europe.

  • acquisition of critical thinking and confidence

For the representatives of the partner organizations, the implementation of the project should ensure the development of management capacity, improvement of the communication and organizational practice of each of the organizations. In the implementation of the activities there is mutual assistance and constant transfer of good practices. The work of the project team is also linked to the impact on a wide range of youth audiences through follow-up activities to disseminate the results.

The project will seek to form continuity, develop responsibility as representatives of society and motivate everyone to spread the acquired competencies and what they have learned in their work.

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