EU Youth Power is an international multi-year project

EU Youth Power is an international multi-year project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and based on cooperation between four countries: Bulgaria, Romania, the Republic of North Macedonia, and Georgia. The project is targeted on improving the understanding about EU citizenship of VET students and young adults from all over Europe. VET students, in particular, are included in the project in an effort to tear down the language walls in front of the youth of Europe. The project achieves this via an innovative digital tool for social inclusion through edutainment for acquiring new language competences. The edutainment tool is in the form of educational language game comprising five European languages (A1, A2 and B1 language levels), 28 countries, 84 towns, and 252 points of interest. The game provides players with the possibility to not only improve their language skills but also explore European cities and attractions like monuments, plazas, universities, etc. The linguistic tools that are used consist of three question types: filling in the gaps, closed clause exercises, and reordering. The game’s platform is open, which means that teachers can add new languages and information points. As admins, they can moderate the game’s content, create customized exercises and journeys, monitor the progress of other users, and lead a class or a group of people. By signing up for an account on the game’s website, young people can then play as part of a group or class, or individually. The finished game can be seen here: