DigiEduHack - 12,13 November

On November 12 and 13, under the patronage of the Bulgarian Euro Commissioner Maria Gabriel, a series of international online hackathons - DigiEduHack will be held.

The marathon will consist of 50 thematic challenges focused on developing innovative digital approaches to educational processes and social cases.

The event focuses on the future of education in the digital age and engages education and training institutions and other organizations working in the field in a competition to identify key challenges and co-create solutions across disciplines and organizations.

Participation in DigiEduHack does not require specific technological skills but offers the opportunity for participants of different ages to discuss alternative opportunities to contribute to a variety of causes in the field of digital education. Anyone willing to challenge their knowledge and creativity can participate in various challenges.

Organizations wishing to participate as a hackathon host will be given the opportunity to organize their own event, engaging with a specific topic. In support of them, professionals from Aalto University will provide a series of webinars, workshops and counseling sessions.

More information for hosts: https://bit.ly/2TI8ZYW

More information for participants: https://bit.ly/3oQ7qX5

Registration: https://bit.ly/3oNF2Fd