How can we turn GDPR “lemons” into lemonade?

On June 13 National Palace of Culture will host the final GDPR event HOW CAN WE TURN GDPR “LEMONS” INTO LEMONADE?

The closing GDPR event will focus on the telecom and the public sector - one of the largest data administrators - and will highlight both good practices and business challenges. Within the framework of the discussion organized jointly with the Privacy Commission, you will be able to address your questions personally to the national regulator, public authorities and leading experts on the subject few days after GDPR enters into force. The event is organized by the Digital National Alliance under the patronage of the Bulgarian presidency of the Council of the EU. More information can be found on the event's website.

Please, note that this is a paid event and the seats are limited to the exhaustion of the hall's capacity

Обръщаме внимание, че събитието е платено, а местата - ограничени до изчерпване на капацитета на залата