Digital National Alliance and launch together the project e-start@school

Today, April 18, 2018. Digital National Coalition (DNA) with the support of and the MES launched the e-start@school project.

The project aims to reduce the risk of a late digital start for children coming from the lowest income region in the EU and to enable them to adapt more easily into the digital world. Most children in the region do not have access to the digital world - half of the people in the region have never used a computer; half of the households do not have access to the Internet; the overall technological readiness of the region is 0.00 (RCI scale 0-100).

According to a study of the European Commission, the Northwest region is not only the lowest-earning region but also the region with the lowest technological readiness in the EU. Lack of touch with technology puts children at risk of late digital start and adapting to digital technologies after childhood is considerably more difficult. The lack of digital skills is a prerequisite for a difficult realization in the labor market and resulting in all kinds of social and economic problems.

The project aims to train 450 teachers from at least 200 primary schools in the region, providing coverage of more than 70% of the schools. The trainings will take place in three cascades, phases of knowledge within one year.