GDPR - A Practical Seminar


On March 30 at 9:30 pm at the Cosmos coworking camp, Digital National Coalition and Coursedot organize a one-day practical seminar on the implementation of the GDPR


On March 30 at 9:30 pm at the Cosmos coworking camp, Digital National Coalition and Coursedot organize a one-day practical seminar on the implementation of the GDPR.


The introduction of the new EU data protection regulation imposes new rules and definitions regarding the processing of personal data and thus, will affect all companies that own business and work with European citizens. The most affected will be those who collect huge piles of consumer data such as technological and trading companies, healthcare companies, insurers and banks.


Comprehensive regulatory information (definitions, fines, etc.) exists online but it is difficult to find practical information on how to apply it in different aspects - legal and technological. The regulation affects all units in a company - from owners and their concerns about financial sanctions to the legal and accounting department with all updates of both processes and documentations to technical teams and the possible changes in the company's technical infrastructure.


As a natural follow-up to the "GDPR Sofia" conference held on January 28 in Hall 3 of the National Palace of Culture, the National Digital Alliance and Coursedot are organizing a one-day seminar to showcase good examples in different industries regarding the implementation of the regulation and to offer guidelines as to how can companies cope better with the application of regulatory requirements. The seminar aims to bring together professionals from the GDPR sector - lawyers, cybersecurity consultants and program developers - with business representatives who still have a lot of work to do with GDPR implementation.


Topics to be addressed during the workshop:

    What is GDPR?

   When does GDPR enters into force, who should implement it, and what are proprietary sanctions for non-compliance?

    What is new and what is different from the previous legislation on personal data?

    What are the first steps to be taken?

    What are the requirements for different companies that we need to meet the GDPR requirements?

    What upgrades are needed in a company's technical infrastructure in order for it to meet the requirements of the new regulation?

    Good practices from companies in Bulgaria that have already applied the new requirements

    Tips and tricks, sample documents and applications to use to implement the requirements of the regulation

    What is DPO (Data Protection Officer) and what is his/her role?


 Trayan Kossev, co-founder of KGK Consulting

Boris Goncharov, Cyber Security Strategist at AMATAS

Borislav Borislavov, CTO at




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