GrowtHack Yourself

Key words: present your ideas…attractive and catchy way…to the right people…success… continue and repeat…

Why don’t you come and see how the free runner Ilko Iliev and the photographer Marin Kafedjiiski transformed the key words above into reality? The video they made, 2D RUN - MMP 3 (Mixed Motion Project), won the New York City Drone Film Festival and the X-factor Category Award. Isn't this mission accomplished? The video has over half a million views on YouTube and parts of it were used in a Samsung commercial broadcast on the night of the Oscars 2017. This will be the first public speech of Ilko Iliev, after his huge success in New York.

We will also meet Victor Stankov and Vasil TuchkovVictor Stankov - digital marketer, growth hacker and general hustler for several startups in the areas video streaming, B2B enterprise software and most recently a B2C product with 600,000 users. Head of growth services at Motion Software - a startup-focused marketing and development agency that helps companies build and grow their products from 0 to 1. Victor graduated with MA from Manchester Business School in the area of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.Vasil Tuchkov - writer and director, creator of LivingWEB - a dynamic platform for art installations, technology & advertising; Head of Creative of Studio Rubik - creative hive for viral video, extreme cinematography and Guerrilla Marketing. The studio's projects have international impact; in 2016, the original video content received more than 25 million views worldwide. Vasil is an American University in Bulgaria graduate, with experience as Head of Creative on various start-ups in Bulgaria and Scotland. He's also addicted to extreme sports and radical stunts.

Thе three speakers will talk about various non-conventional marketing techniques and how to keep on track with ongoing trends and developments when it comes to promoting an idea, product or service. Going beyond traditional marketing methods, they will talk about their personal experience and what turns a good practice into a success story.

The event is organized by Singularity University Chapter Sofia and Digital National Alliance.