Entrepreneurship and Marketing

19 April at 18:00 in the American Corner in Sofia will be held lecture and discussion "Entrepreneurship and Marketing" presented by prof. David Berkowitz, Dean of Graduate School at University of Alabama in Huntsville. Since 2013 David Berkowitz has been dean of The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) Graduate School. Berkowitz previously served as professor of Marketing and Management in the UAH College of Business Administration. Berkowitz also served as associate dean, and chair of the Department of Management and Marketing, director of the Center for the Management of Science and Technology, and director of the Integrated Enterprise Laboratory, all in the College of Business Administration. He has experience as a product developer, small business owner and academician. His research has focused on the intersection between product development and supply chain for complex long lifecycle products and has appeared in leading academic journals in the field. Berkowitz was a founding board member of Alabama Launchpad, and has obtained over $5 million in funded research. He has written and co-authored numerous national and international publications including "Proactive / Responsive Market Orientation and Marketing - Research and Development Integration," "Consumer Marketing of High Technology Products," and "Modeling Market Adoption of a Retail Innovation over Time and Space