iSOSu: I help you

A global life-saving mobile app iSOSu developed by a Bulgarian-Indian start-up team will be launched as a pilot project on August 8 in India.

The iSOSu App has the potential to provide timely support to potentially unlimited number of victims in a universality of emergency or criminality-related situations.

The managing Indian partner is Mr Partha S Guha Patra.

The Bulgarian start-up group which initiated the project in 2013

· Dr Solomon Passy

· Dimitar Dimitrov

· Teodor Panayotov

· Anton Gavrilov

· Stanislav Milev

The application can be downloaded from:

Brief on iSOSu™ App:

A personal emergency app, that can be activated by shaking or from a locked screen of your mobile, to store and send periodically critical information like geo location data, pictures, recorded video and voice, etc. Once activated iSOSu™, it turns on the front and rear camera, the voice recorder, as well as the GPS.

Immediate receivers are meant to be state emergency authorities, your stored and predefined contacts and optionally press. Not less important, the emergency SOS signal is received by any other users (in crowd) each of whom can be your devine saviour in trouble.

The app may be used by victim or witnesses, as well as to be used post factum in investigating crimes and emergencies.

Versions of the app could be trimmed to address only emergencies or crime-related situations of a specific nature like traffic accidents, fire, kidnappings and airplane hijackings, terrorist attacks or more trivial everyday troubles each of us is facing daily.